GingerBeard Photo

The Beard

Paul Williams is a Manchester based photographer shooting commercial and Sport. 

Client List —

Creux Cycling
Red Hook Crit
Aventon Bikes
Jehu Bikewear
Curve Cycling
Festival No6
Iceland Airwaves



Manchester based cycle enthusiast, coffee fiend, traveller extraordinaire and all round loveable weirdo with a great big (ginger) bushy beard! 

I got into bikes a few years back after a friend introduced me to the sport and I was hooked.  I now have a fixed gear bike which I love.  

Film came later in life at college as I pursued a career as a cinematographer. This lead me to my degree at MMU and finally down the wonderful path of commercial photography + film.   

I have been documenting fixed gear crits for a few years now and love getting to travel all over meeting awesome new people.  

Shut up legs
— Jens Voight